Reflecting on the 2019-20 Australian bushfires

Facebook Virtual Panel Discussion

Facebook Panel

WIRES was invited to be part of a Facebook report launch, highlighting how the Australian community used digital platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to respond and recover through the recent #bushfire season.

The purpose of the report and subsequent discussions was to bring together members of the disaster response community and members of the product, program and data teams at Facebook that work on disaster response, to reflect on the use of technology through the past bushfire period and what opportunities are available in the future.

I joined the panel with Alisha Elliot and Mia Garlick from Facebook, Hayley Hardy and Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons, to reflect on the bushfires and how technology could be used in future disaster response efforts.

Our discussion can be viewed here and there is more information availabe in the report, Connecting communities through digital platforms to respond and recover from crisis.

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