First Visit to Aussie Ark

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

During my first visit to Aussie Ark this week I was fortunate enough to see some of their Eastern Quolls, Tasmanian Devils, Long-nosed Potoroos and one of their Parma Wallabies.

Long-nosed Potoroo

Post the devastating Black Summer fires of 2019-2020 WIRES has collaborated on a wide range of projects to support wildlife rescue, rehabilitation and recovery nationally, including a major project with Aussie Ark to help 15 threatened species.

Tasmanian Devil

With the future of so many species at risk of extinction, it is fantastic to see practical conservation programs underway to preserve the long-term future of iconic Australian animals.

It was a pleasure to drive around some of the sanctuary and see how magnificent the habitat for wildlife was in this safe haven.

Aussie-Ark Sanctuary

It was also a joy to see some of the wildlife in the local area outside the sanctuary.

Barrington Tops Wildlife
Barrington Tops Wildlife

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