365 Photo Challenge 2021 - Jan 1

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

With COVID-19 continuing to wreak havoc worldwide and no idea when the opportunity to travel widely will again be possible, I've decided to focus actively this year on finding, and enjoying, the natural beauty that is readily accessible.

I've thought about doing a 365 day photo challenge before to improve my photography skills, so if not now, when?

Week 1 has been a very wet, rainy week and it's been a beautiful contrast to the fires that were devastating the country just 12 months ago.

Photo 1

Nature photography - water droplets on plants in garden

As the challenge begins I'm fortunate to be minding a friend's house who has an amazing yard - there are lots of trees and lots of wildlife, so it's a great source of inspiration for the start of this #photography challenge.

I'm starting the challenge with my #Canon #800D and I have 3 lenses, 2 x #Canon and 1 x #Tamron which I'll be getting to know better.

Updates July 21

I started the challenge planning to share photos with no edits other than cropping but from about February I started making different edits in Lightroom as well, as it's a good chance to improve my editing skills as well.

Although some days I took hundreds of photos and others only a couple, I was disappointed from mid April to find I was missing some days - I was busy with work and family, the weather got colder and the daylight hours shorter. However, rather than give up I decided for any days I missed I had to find another photo I'd taken to share earlier in the year.

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