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Kyla Shelley

Making a difference, transformation projects, design, nature and travel are my passions. 

For the last 9 years I've worked in non-profit management focused on animal welfare and wildlife preservation. The more exposure I have to nature through work and travel, the more inspired by, and in awe of, nature I am. In my current work for wildlife I manage a wide range of innovative projects and programs to improve rescue, rehabilitation and conservation outcomes for wildlife within Australia.


My deep appreciation for animals, nature and the environment has grown expotentially over the last decade. So as my concern for them as we face so many species and ecosystems at risk of extinction, unsustainable habitat loss for wildlife, increasing natural disasters of higher frequency and intensity and other major risks for people and nature due to climate change.

Nature and travel photography has become a creative outlet for me to capture, share and celebrate precious moments experiencing the natural beauty that surrounds us.

In the past I've managed multi-million dollar portfolios for major brands and international clients, specialising in new product development and product management for over a decade. I believe that sustainable business, travel, design and development can deliver better outcomes for individuals and organisations, and they are increasingly key to the long-term protection and preservation of the environment and wildllife.

Specialising in managing cross-functional teams to design, develop and implement, projects from concept to completion, I enjoy using my skills and experience to make a difference - designing, refining and optimising; products, services, processes and systems; to increase efficiency and positively impact people, animals and the environment.



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